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Corporate Information

The Story...

Mysticware was founded in January of 2002 on the principle that games can be technically simplistic yet creatively brilliant.  It is our goal to create games in such an environment that brings back the fun and enjoyment that many experienced as children on popular video game console systems.

Mysticware is located in Southern New Jersey.  It is our intention to demonstrate that creativity flourishes within many talented individuals from this area.  For those people that do not have an outlet for their talents, Mysticware becomes a great medium with which to harness that talent into commercial-quality, interactive software.

Taking on this challenge is Daniel Suleski, Founder and CEO of Mysticware.  For years, Mr. Suleski has been captivated by the fun and simplicity of games in his past.  It is his sight, along with those featured below, that will help bring back what it is that many love in video games with a fresh and adventurous spirit.

The Team...

Daniel Suleski
CEO, Technical Director

Dan ventured into the realm of computer programming as a child. He graduated from various educational institutions including the famed DigiPen Institute Of Technology located in Redmond, Washington. Upon graduation, Dan moved to California to develop a very popular PC series. To his credit, prior to Mysticware, he has worked on eleven titles. Commercially speaking, these titles include programming volumes of the Starfleet Command series and testing The New Tetris, Pokemon Stadium, and Donkey Kong 64 . When not programming, Dan enjoys tennis, pool, and amusement parks.


Ted M. Suleski

As a graduate from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Ted has a B.A. degree concentrating in Economics, Finance, Accounting and Computer Science. Ted holds his NASD Series 7, 63, 65 and insurance license. For the past five years Ted has been a registered investment advisor specializing in personal portfolio management. His prior work includes Human Resource Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and over ten years of sales experience. As an avid sports fan, Ted enjoys playing basketball and golfing in his spare time.


Ted J. Suleski
Executive Producer

Ted has a B.A. degree from St. Joseph's University of Philadelphia and attended Rutgers University Law School. He was a high school English and World Culture teacher and a bridge master. He is a Vietnam Veteran who graduated from Infantry O.C.S. and received his commission as an Adjutant General Officer. He has 30+ years business and marketing experience with a Fortune 500 company and has been their #1 account manager nationwide ten times and in the top five nationwide seven times. He is a professional harness trainer and driver and a professional thoroughbred trainer. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, traveling, racing, exercising, basketball, and various other sports.


James Anthony
Executive Producer

A graduate of Drexel University, James has been involved with commercial software development for the past 18 years. His expertise includes programming, project management, operating systems, networks, and software design. His extensive experience in the computer industry both on the technical and business side brings a unique perspective to Mysticware. Hobbies include fishing and photography.


Michael Goodman
Lead Designer

Michael has been developing and writing for role-playing games since his time at Rowan College. He helped design and playtest elements of the CthulhuLive live-action role-playing game, and was published in the CthulhuLive Player's Companion. His time with Mysticware expands his designing experience now to the world of video games. Mike is also a freelance writer, specializing in supernatural horror, science fiction, and fantasy. When he's not gaming, Mike participates in historical reenactments, and practices Renaissance-style fencing with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Mike considers his two greatest moments in life to have been the birth of his son, Mitchell Franklin, and meeting Gary Gygax (the creator of Dungeons and Dragons).


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